Future Queens of The Industry

And so, our journey continues. Clueless, we wander forward through our meaningless existence. But is it really meaningless?

Iulia is the only one who can understand me, who gets my struggle. We are so different, but somehow it appears that our goals are similar, our desires are the same, our destinies are alike…

The other day I spoke to her, in a moment of despair on my part, and instantly our connection sparked. Because she had been going through the same worries, tormented by the same demons.

Are we wandering this earth in search of something we have always had? Is the ideal world that we were looking for, the one we left behind? Is our mindless quest meant to bring us back home? And if it is, how will we reintegrate? They say home is where the  heart is, but what do you do when your heart is scattered all across the world? Lately it has become increasingly hard to determine where my heart is. It seems as if it has been hiding from me, seeking shelter while I weather the storm alone.

And here we are. 5 years have passed since that faithful day we stepped into our future together. Who knew that that day we met in the inner garden at Dinwiddy we would become so close and travel so far together? Because, even though we have different stories and have traveled our journey partially alone, ever since that day of September we have always had each other.

Time has passed, and no matter how nostalgic we may get, we are no longer freshers walking aimlessly towards our welcome party. We aren’t women either. Not yet. We haven’t fully emerged from the cocoon we were so tightly and safely wrapped into all those years. We are still smoothing out the creases on our elegant colorful wings, getting ready to daze the world on the day we set out on our flight to conquer the world. And I don’t know if our flight will be smooth or if we encounter storms along the way. All that I know is that we will be flying together.


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