We are all alone

The fact that we are all alone is undeniable. We move through life constantly fooling ourselves, living in an illusory mind frame of our own creation, desperately seeking what we convince ourselves that we need… There are no weak or powerful, because we all share the same fate. And when you realise you’re all alone in this big bubble we’ve created, you feel compelled to escape, scratch the walls of this pit we have fallen into, and search for the ones who are not tainted. Surely there must be some others out there who share the same vision, whose minds are still pure and untouched by the vial scorching hand of greed that humanity is cursed to bear.  And when you find them, you will be free…

Surely you are not that naïve as to believe you’ll never be alone again. The fact is, we are all impossibly alone in this world. But why should that matter anyway? As soon as you realise that you can go through life without anyone, that’s when you start seeing things clearly. Yes, we are all forsaken creatures who wonder the world in a purposeless quest, a lonely journey towards our final destination. But once you recognise that as the most fundamental truth, you’ll become immortal…


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