I wonder…

Sometimes I wish I went to sleep and never woke up. Like a withering rose my petals fall off; no water to bring me back to life… My horizon darkened by this wretched world, has burned down the walls of my fantasy realm, leaving me helpless to face this bitter and cold place they call reality. What is there to become of you, little angel? I wonder…

You used to be known as the shining ray of sunlight; the one who lit up the room when she walked into it; the one who lift up the spirits of everyone and everything around her, with a dancing joy in her voice. Now, you are a mere shadow of your past existence; a soldier who’s lost the willingness to fight, who’s abandoned her shield and stands helpless in the face of despair. What force of darkness shattered your burning desire to live? I wonder…

An army of demons sit on your shoulders, whispering dark promises of liberation if you release yourself from the torments of life. And you stand there more alone than ever, with no aegis of salvation whatsoever. They’ve severed your wings, so you cannot rise to the heavens evermore, abandoned by your gods, you walk this earth alone. Who shall be your saviour, little angel? I wonder…


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