Renounce ignorance of thy heart

What do you know?
Living frivolously, always casting jealously at me
Nothing more than illusions
Fake dreams, sleepless nights
Always meeting between flights
Promises with no end
I just can’t understand
Why instead of being true
You just chose to pretend,
I amend all of the disparities between us
And against my better judgement
I chose to believe in us
But the joke’s on me
Because there’s no ‘we’
In this thing that we were doing
There was no unity.

So I find myself guilty,
And honestly I’m the only one to blame
Because I played your game
In which you showed no shame
How foolish can a girl get?
To trust someone like that
When he shows no respect,
I can hear them now; shouting:
Well, what’d you expect?
Try to tame a beast, and in turn you’re the one kept.


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