Africa on the Square

IMG_3471 (2)  On Saturday October 11 London vibrated and shook, panted and pulsed to the earthquake that rocked the grounds of Trafalgar Square on African beats; it was Africa On The Square!

IMG_3472 (2) IMG_3481

In the sea of people, African brothers and sisters, from all over the continent, came together as one, and represented the beautiful, unique and vibrating culture of Africa. Ranging from fiery dance performances, to spectacular displays of art and fashion, and of course, some of the best musicians the continent has to offer, this event had it all!

IMG_3509 IMG_3511

Simo Lagnawi performing in at AFRICA ON THE SQUARE 2014

More than just introducing diverse cultural and art displays, this event was meant to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of Africa, and was, in my opinion, the crown jewel of Black History Month. It set an example that hopefully will be followed by representatives of other cultures from all over this blessed planet; for people to unite and create meaningful things and not fight; to bridge cultural and social gaps; to teach our children who were born here about their motherland’s culture.

IMG_3530 (2) IMG_3535

I feel very lucky to have had the chance to watch the impressive show, and dive in this vibrant sea of people who transmit love and life through every move and every word in every song. I can truly say I never felt more alive than in that moment when I stood in the middle of the crowd in Trafalgar square together with all the participants of Africa On The Square!


Forever in search of sunrise,

Tokyo Gaijin


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